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Corporate Production

"Corporate production is looked down upon? Listen £2.7 billion cannot all be wrong. And this is billions belonging to hard-headed folk, not prone to just give it away." (Corporate Commissioner)

Corporate is a booming industry. It turns over £2.7 billion, more than is spent on all European feature film production annually. Corporate productions generally have respectable budgets, often much higher on a £ per screen minute basis than Broadcast Television. Corporate tends to pay its production teams better too, demanding broadcast standard filmmaking or production standards in return. In fact, the actors, presenters and production team members in Corporate Production come mainly from broadcast.

Yet Corporate remains relatively unknown and is perhaps seen as second class to broadcast television by audio visual professionals. Why? It may be that the sector is relatively unseen. The sector is also made up of many small and medium sized organisations and companies, which tend not to advertise to the general public. The audience too for any one production is likely to be small and focussed. Another reason may be that there are few, if any, "household names" in the corporate sector. Finally and illogically, it may be that broadcast professionals just see reaching tens of millions with their broadcast work, "untainted by commercial considerations" as a purer area of work.

Despite being slightly maligned by professionals, this dynamic and internationally admired sector has much to offer talented, business aware individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. High budgets, often running as high as £10,000 a minute, good pay, a highly skilled workforce, definite focus and the artistic freedom to explore and achieve the projects aims - Corporate Production is an exciting package.

Corporate Productions Facts

"From the ridiculous - making Scunthorpe, the garden town of England look attractive in November - to the sublime of spending two days filming a conference of top Investment bankers from all over the world in a swish Mayfair hotel with Steve Redgrave as keynote speaker. That's corporate production." (Corporate Producer)

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The Corporate Production Industry

Clients for Corporate Production Companies range from local companies, local councils, Universities and colleges, to national corporations, Government, Public Agencies and Charities, to multi-national corporations and institutions.

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Skills and Training for Corporate Production

People from all kinds of educational and cultural backgrounds work in Corporate. Once in the sector, people do move around and the majority find work through contacts and word of mouth. Many are freelance, casual workers on job duration, or daily, weekly, monthly or three monthly contracts.

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Corporate Production Jobs

The type of work in Corporate essentially breaks into three areas, with different types of people, different skills, different training routes and different career paths for each.

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Is your company financially savvy?

Creative Skillset and MyCake have teamed up to provide you with twelve top financial management tips for the Creative Industries. Find out what they are here.

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Money in Corporate Production

Experienced practitioners - especially in the technical area - can earn a very decent living as a freelance in Corporate. In the Content Production area, it really depends if you are a director of the company or a partner, and how successful the operation is.

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Runners in the Corporate Sector

This important area of employment contains around 2500 companies in the UK, some of which may be of interest to Runners.

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Corporate Production Jargon Breaker

Learn the langauge of the industry with our guide to Corporate Production terms.

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Changing Types of Work

The key consideration of Corporate Production is always to carry out the client's aims and wishes, whatever the medium employed. Changes in technology mean that the media employed, and hence the areas of work in the Corporate sector, are also constantly changing.

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