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Media Speak - Facilities

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ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – Person within the Facilities Company, who is lead and liaison with both client / production company and internal bookings, equipment provision and labour supply by the facility if applicable, and key factor in the whole process and on-going business for the Facility from that production company / producer. May be the Bookings Manager, or may be an Account Executive allotted to that production / company by the Facilities company if they are sufficiently large to have such a structure and need.


BOOKINGS MANAGER – Key person who is responsible for taking your booking, and the detail of getting the right kit ready for collection or delivered to the right place, with or without skilled operatives, on the right day and at the right time. Bookings Clerk or Deputy Bookings Manager may assist.


CLIENTS – The range of clients for Facilities Houses ranges from Broadcasters and Independent Production Companies in Television to Movie and Commercials Productions to Animation and Web or Corporate operations wanting a special piece of high-tech kit.

COMMERCIALS – Use Facilities Companies on a regular basis. Short films for Television broadcast or Cinema showing, which advertise brand or product in an creative media manner with as much impact as possible. Created and financed by industry or commerce which is local, national or international in nature; or by government departments, Quangoes or charities and other organisations.

COMMERCIALS - For glossary of key terms in this sector see COMMERCIALS

CORPORATE PRODUCTION – Use Facilities companies on regular basis. A thriving sector of the creative media industry, with significant areas of business approaching £3 billion in annual turnover, producing events and audio visual material for a variety of business or corporate clients across media and areas such as: video, DVD, CD-ROM, Audio, Web, Film productions; Events and Conferences; Business to Business Television, whether live or pre-recorded.

CORPORATE PRODUCTIONS - For glossary of key terms in this sector see CORPORATE


DRY HIRE - Equipment may be “dry hired” ie without an operator or labour, or can come “wet” ie with operator(s).


EQUIPMENT SUPPLIED - Facilities supplies four main sub-sectors:

  • Filming Equipment, including cameras (film and video), lenses, lighting, cranes, tracking etc.
  • Post Production, including visual and audio on film and video
  • Studio Hire
  • Special Physical Effects

Facilities companies own and maintain high-value kit – cameras, cranes, lighting equipment, special effects kit, studios, vision and sound editing suites, and other items, much of it leading edge technology. They supply kit on demand, and at a price, to production companies as and when they need it by the hour, day, week or agreed period. This set-up gives producers the flexibility to manage their budgets to best advantage, and use the most appropriate and latest technical equipment – without having to own it all themselves, which would be almost impossible financially.


FACILITIES – Much used in most sectors, including: Animation, Commercials, Corporate, Film, Broadcast Television, Interactive Television, Photo Imaging, Pop Videos, Conferences and Events. Facilities work maintaining and providing specialised technical equipment, and possibly labour, for projects in all these media. There are four main sub-sectors:

  • Filming Equipment, including equipment maintenance, dry and wet hire of cameras (film and video), lenses, lighting, cranes, tracking etc.
  • Post Production. This is effectively the final step in the making of a film or television programme – a process of refinement and transition of raw materials into a finished product before distribution and release to the public. Editing is the key function – of picture, sound, effects, or a combination of these. Digitisation has dramatically altered the Postproduction sector, with new editing and effects capabilities emerging all the time. Digital technology and computer-based editing systems allow for clearer pictures and smoother editing techniques, constantly improving picture quality, and making the traditional film cutting rooms increasingly obsolete.
  • Studio Hire. The companies own and maintain high quality, expensive studio kits, much of it leading edge technology. They usually hire them out by the day, with crews and support staff.
  • Special Physical Effects. Though one of the smallest occupation groups within the industry, this is one of the most award laden and prestigious areas of all. It splits into three distinct areas: Physical Special Effects; Pyrotechnics; Visual

FACILITY COMPANIES – These can range from small specialist companies, to large companies employing hundreds with a turnover of tens of millions and even multi-national groups. Mainly London centred, there are a scattering of smaller operations throughout the UK.

FILM – For glossary of key terms in Film sector, which relate to Commercials, see FILM

FREELANCERS – People who work on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as skilled operatives in one or few particular roles, but are casual workers.


IVCA - International Visual Communication Association, trade association of Corporate Production Companies.


KIT – High Value Kit, including cameras, cranes, lighting, special effects, studios, editing, graphics, sound equipment.


MOVIES - For glossary of key terms in this sector see FILM


PACT – Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television. Trade Association for Production Companies in these sectors, especially Television.


QUALIFICATIONS – Attitude and then knowledge from doing, and experience, are the crucial pre-requisites in Facilities, but some areas of work, such as Lighting, do have professional qualifications without which you cannot work.


RADIO - For glossary of key terms in this sector see RADIO

RANGE OF MEDIA FACILITIES WORK ACROSS – These include: Animation, Commercials, Corporate, Film, Broadcast Television, Interactive Television, Photo Imaging, Pop Videos, Conferences and Events.


CREATIVE SKILLSET – Sector Skills Council for Creative Media, with offices in London, the Nations and Regions.


TELEVISION - For glossary of key terms in this sector see TELEVISION


WET HIRE - Equipment may be “dry hired”, ie without an operator or labour, or can come “wet”, ie with operator(s).

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