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Interactive Media

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Nahid Hajialikhani, Skillset Millennium Award Winner

Careers in Interactive Media

Within these pages you can find information on careers in the interactive media industry - how to get in, get on and get the most out of your skills.

Working in interactive media is a team activity. Knowledge sharing and brainstorming are crucial to any project and everyone is expected to contribute. People employed in this sector must be able to communicate clearly and understand each other's demands.

The people likely to succeed will be multi-skilled, able to move comfortably from one medium to another, and with the ability to go on learning, adapting quickly to new software packages and business developments as they arise.

You can also find a wealth of resources to help you along on our careers pages. Visit Creative Skillset's careers services for more information.

Jobs in the Interactive Media sector

What are the jobs in Interactive Media? What are the responsibilties? What are the opportunities for progression?

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Working in the Interactive Media Sector


Interactive media requires a unique set of skills. Practitioners typically need a combination of specialist skills drawn from at least two of the design, technical, content and business or management disciplines.

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Creative Pioneers 2013

Creative Pioneers 2013

The Creative Pioneers Challenge is a nationwide search to find the Creative Pioneers of the future to work within the UK's advertising, creative and digital media businesses.

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Runners in Interactive Media

The interactive media sector is still evolving. Job titles and job descriptions can vary considerably from company to company and traditional roles don't really apply.

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Careers Information for the Interactive Media & Games Industries

What are the issues with careers advice? What should be done to improve careers services in the UK?

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Commissioners Checklist

This checklist is designed to help commissioners and interactive media producers build strong working relationships - saving everyone time and money!

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Interactive Media Q & A

What's the job really like? And how do you get in? Take a look at the following Q & As with people actually working in Interactive Media.

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Matthew Hill: Interactive Designer, Developer

''Working in multimedia, I update my skills by keeping an eye on the internet"

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BBC College of Production

BBC College of Production

The BBC College of Production is for people across the UK, who are making or want to make programmes and content.

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Find everything you need to get ahead

Creative Skillset Careers can help you to identify new opportunities, find the right training and build the career you want.

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A Production Assistant Writes...

''Competence, a willingness to learn, a healthy interest in the industry, and motivation to do the job at hand well, whatever it is - these are the skills to get you noticed and help you to move on.''

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